Live In A Hurricane Area? Get A Wind-Rated Garage Door Right Away!

With an increasing number of hurricane striking the country and causing heavy damage, many people are realizing the importance a garage door has to their home. It may be surprising to know that garage door damage during hurricanes can be so traumatic. That's why it is important to contact a garage door repair and installation specialist and get a wind-rated door installed before the next hurricane hits.

Hurricane Winds Can Damage Garage Doors

When hurricane winds strike a home, one of the first areas to suffer is typically the garage doors. While they are strong enough to withstand a lengthy period of wind, there is a chance that they can fail. And experts state that a failing garage door will lead to about 80 percent of the damage caused by a hurricane. Its failure causes a chain reaction that can spread to the rest of the home.

This is particularly true if a person stores a lot of expensive personal items in their garage, such as lawn mowers, tools, and more. Thousands of dollars of equipment is likely to get wind and water swept and end up severely damaged or even destroyed. Even if the door itself doesn't fail, there is a chance that all that wind could cause damage to the chain.

Chain damage can cause the door to run poorly. For example, a loose chain can make the door open unevenly or struggle to close completely. This problem is serious because it can compromise the door's integrity and cause it to fall apart in light winds. However, a wind-rated door can help avoid this problem.

Installing A Tougher Door

Those who live in a hurricane area and who are worried about their garage door should consider installing a wind-rated garage door. These doors are designed to withstand heavy winds and keeps your garage safe from damage. They are typically available from a variety of garage door specialists and are a great way of avoiding serious wind problems.

After setting up your door, make sure to get it checked for problems before any hurricane hits the area. Garage door repair specialists can inspect it for signs of damage and work to eliminate these in a safe and efficient manner. They can also strength the exterior by performing various maintenance procedures that are designed to increase its exterior strength.

That's why it is so important to take the time to learn more about high-quality garage doors like this. It is also worth talking to a garage door repair specialist as soon as possible. These actions can provide a home with the heavy-duty garage door it needs to withstand the strongest hurricane winds.

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