Three Special Features To Consider For Your Garage Door

If your garage door has been looking a bit worse for wear, it is probably time to replace it. But, since it has been a while since you've purchased a garage door, you may not be sure exactly what to look for. In addition to choosing a material, you will also need to decide which features you would like your door to have. Here is a look at three special garage door features that will come in really handy.

Torsion Springs

Traditionally, garage doors have been fitted with extension springs which run along the sides of the doors. While these springs function well, they do have one downfall: they're dangerous. If the springs snap, they come loose and can cause serious accidents (and even death). Torsion springs are, instead, set up along the top of the garage door and connected to the opener in a somewhat different manner. If the spring snaps, it more or less stays in place, so you don't have to be nearly as concerned about an injury. Torsion springs are an especially good choice if you are someone who likes to do your own repairs since they will make repairing your own garage door opener a lot safer.

Miniature Transmitters

This option has more to do with the opener than with the door itself, but it is a very important one to consider. Look for a door opener that comes with a miniature transmitter that you can put on your keychain. This is a lot easier to carry around than the type of opener that hooks to your car mirror. 


If your garage is not heated, you might be tempted to save money by purchasing a non-insulated garage door. However, if you have an attached garage, you should definitely choose an insulated door even if your garage is not heated. It's surprising how much warmer the garage will stay with this extra insulation. Some heat will escape through the door leading from the garage to the house, and the insulation will help trap this heat inside. Your garage will also stay more comfortable in the spring and fall. You can open the garage door in the day when it's warm, and then close it -- the garage will stay warm through the chilly night.

If you find a garage door and opener that come with these three features, it's almost certain to be one that serves you well. Contact a company, like Affordable Garage Door Repairs , for more help.

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