The Top Three Reasons Why A Garage Door May Come Off The Tracks

When it comes to garage doors, one of the most dangerous situations that can occur is a garage door coming off of its tracks. A garage door is extremely heavy and the tracks not only guide the door up and down, but also help to support the weight of the door. If it is off the tracks, it can collapse, causing damage to anything below it or injuring a person or pet. Knowing why the door may come off the tracks can help you prevent this scenario. Here are the top three reasons why a garage door may come off the tracks. 

You Hit the Garage Door With Your Car

The number one reason why a garage door may come off of its tracks are because you hit the garage door with your car. You may have been pulling into your driveway and gotten a little too close, hitting the door in the process. If you were going slowly, the door may just be dented or dinged. But if there is enough force, the door can be knocked directly off of the tracks. The only thing you can do to prevent this scenario is to be extremely careful when you are pulling in or backing in to your driveway and aware of how close you are to the garage door. 

The Tracks are Loose

Another reason why your garage door may come off the tracks is because your tracks are loose. As the tracks age, they may begin to loosen. Typically, this is simply caused by the screws holding the tracks in place loosening due to the vibration of the door going over them constantly. However, when the tracks begin to loosen, they may no longer line up with the path that the rollers on the door take. The rollers may come off the track because they no longer have a straight path to follow. Tightening up the screws and bolts that hold the tracks in place routinely can prevent this issue. 

The Wheels Have Broken

The last reason why your garage door may come off the tracks is because one or more wheels, also called rollers, has broken. If one of the wheels is not rolling, the weight of the rest of the door rolling upward or downward can cause that portion of the door to pop off the track. Lubricating your wheels and testing them twice yearly is one of the best ways to ensure they work and do not break. 

If your garage door has come off the tracks, you should not attempt to move the door yourself. If you do so, you may cause the door to collapse on you. Instead, contact a garage door repair company, like Able Door Company, as quickly as possible to come out. They can let you know if the door can be placed back on the track or if the entire garage door should be replaced. 

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