Four High-Tech Garage Door Features To Think About


Technological innovations and advancement in the recent years have taken the world by storm. The consumer retail sector has been swept away by the various new possibilities that technology has to offer. Nothing has been able to resist this technological revolution. From air conditioners to cars to television sets, all have undergone massive changes for the better. Even the simple garage door hasn't been spared! In light of this, it is extremely important that a buyer take the following features into consideration while purchasing a garage door installation, such as from Edison Overhead Door .

1) Vacation Mode

This feature is not uncommon in a commercial garage door today. It acts as a safeguard against the garage door being opened when you have gone on an extended holiday. This feature gives you the option to make the door remotely inaccessible and allows it to be opened only by manually entering the security lock code at the garage. This is a preventive measure against the use of devices with the same frequency as your garage remote to open the door when you're not around. You can rest assured that no one but you can open the garage.

2) Door Report Remote

This feature provides the answer to the question that has bothered many of us for so long – "Did I lock the garage door?" Well you don't need to wonder in uncertainty anymore, as many garage door companies have started to give out remotes which would indicate, either using different colored lights or different symbols, whether your garage door has been locked or not.

3) Smart Door

Certainly one of the biggest wonders of modern technology has been the smartphone and its meteoric development and evolution. Everything from an A.C. to a T.V. can be controlled using smartphones. The same now goes for garage doors too. All you need is to download the mobile application of the garage door you've installed and a Wi-Fi connection that is linked with your door.

4) Bluetooth Speakers

It's not uncommon for someone to spend an extended period of time in their garage for things like cleaning or washing the car, sorting how things are kept in the garage, or even building a playhouse for their children. This can become very tiresome. Some garage doors come with the feature of speakers installed inside the door that can be connected via the Bluetooth, thus changing your garage door into your very own music system.


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