How Can You Tell When Your Garage Door Is Failing?

Picture this: you drive into your garage on a cold, rainy day. You're exhausted and want to get inside, kick off your shoes, and slump into the sofa or take a nice, hot shower. Instead, when you press the remote your garage door refuses to open. So now you have to walk through the rain to get inside.

Looks like a garage door repair is in order. Check out these common telltale signs.

A Noisy Door

You will have gotten accustomed to the sound of your garage door while it is opening and closing.  If there is a new, strange or excessively loud sound, you need to troubleshoot.  It just may require tightening loose parts or oiling moving parts.  If it's not a simple DIY activity, then you should call a certified technician to have the door repaired.

Garage Door Won't Lift

Your garage door is able to lift and open using a remote.  If it doesn't, something is wrong. Check your batteries and replace them if necessary.  If the remote is working well, the springs in the door may have lost tension.  If you find it difficult to lift the door during a power outage, there may be a problem with the springs. The heavy-duty springs are designed to hold a fair amount of tension, making lifting easier.

Your Garage Door Lacks Power

Is your garage door moving slower than it usually does?  The issue may be with your remote.  If after several attempts, you realize that the door is still moving slowly or not opening at all, have a technician inspect it. He would be able to identify if the remote is a problem or if the issue is with the door itself.

Your Garage Door is Tilting or Has a Dent

A visual check can also indicate that you are in need of garage door repair.  Your door may close halfway or seem as though it is leaning to one side.  If this problem persists, the spring can become worn and break away causing a strain.  If your door has a dent, it will be uneven and your door may not open or slide on the tract easily.  You will need to get the door repaired.

Increase In Electricity Bill

A malfunctioning door that has not been fixed can become costly.  Apart from the cost of the garage door repair, the door can become energy inefficient causing a hike in your electricity bill.  Sealants, weather stripping rubbers are energy savers and if they are no longer providing a tight seal, you should replace them.

Although garage doors are durable and of a high quality, they can eventually malfunction.  So pay attention to the signs and know when your garage door is failing.  You just might be in need of a garage door repair. However, a brand new residential garage door installation can do wonders for the exterior of your home, and it can save you from a lot of frustration. 


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