Vinyl and Composite Wood: Two Great Garage Door Materials

Upgrading your garage door is a great investment that will have a huge impact on the style of your property. Most people first think about redoing other things on the exterior of their home before they consider the garage doors. However, since the garage doors are such large style feature, changing them will have a bigger impact on your exterior style than you might imagine. If you have not updated your garage doors in a few years, you will probably be curious about all of the modern products. This article looks at two of the most popular modern garage door products.


Vinyl has long been a top choice for garage door panels. However, modern vinyl is more advanced and stylish than ever. That is, the fake prints and finishes available in vinyl look more convincing and more like the material they are trying to replicate. So, if you want a natural wood garage door look, vinyl could be the perfect material. Not only can you find solid colors, there are now multi-colored vinyl finishes that look just like real wood. Whether you want a tinted stain or a solid color, you can find prints in all of the most popular panel sizes. When it comes to vinyl garage panels, you usually need to buy your product directly from the original manufacture of your garage door. There are third-party manufactures that produce vinyl, but most custom garage panel makers work with wood.

Composite Wood

While everybody likes the look of real wood, most homeowners don't care much for the upkeep. If you want the most authentic looking wood products, but without the upkeep, you should consider composite woods. These come in all of the most popular wood prints and finishes. Remember, these are bound to change from season to season, just as trends fluctuate. But, the great thing about composite wood panels is that they are easy to own, and they never need to be stained or painted. This is definitely the biggest difference between real and composite wood.

The core of a composite wood product is actually made out of real wood, but it is laminated with a printed finish that creates the look of real hardwood. So, it looks like real hardwood, without any of maintenance.

Modern composite wood and vinyl products are more advanced and stylish than ever. You will definitely be impressed by all of these amazing new materials, how realistic they look, and how easy they are to take care of.

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