Adorn A Wooden Garage Door With Holiday Decorations

If you would like to adorn your wooden garage door's exterior with holiday decorations and want to ensure that you do not mark or damage the wooden surface, you can use the options below to add festive appeal to your property. Prior to adding decorations, clean the wood with soapy water and a sponge before using plenty of water to rinse the wooden surface.

Three Dimensional Picture

Measure the length and width of the garage door. Use these measurements to assist with purchasing a vinyl three-dimensional picture. Either purchase a vinyl sheet that has a self-adhesive backing or one that has grommets installed in the corners, and that can be secured to the top of the garage door with pieces of twine.

A three-dimensional vinyl sheet that depicts a winter wonderland, snowball fight, or holiday gifts will be sure to brighten up your mood whenever entering your property. After the holiday season, simply peel the decal from the wood or untie the pieces of twine that are secured to the three-dimensional picture. 

Synthetic Or Homemade Wreaths

Provide the garage door with a classic appearance by adorning the wooden exterior with synthetic or homemade wreaths. If you choose to purchase wreaths from a store, add embellishments to each of them to help the holiday decor stand out. Small foil-wrapped packages or bunches of holly berries are some items that can be secured to the wreaths.

If you opt to make your own wreaths, use a wire hanger or foam circle as the anchoring material for evergreen or spruce branches. Make sure that the garage door is closed all of the way. If there is any dust on the door's exterior, move a lint-free cloth over the wood. Secure self-adhesive hooks to the door's exterior before hanging a wreath from each one. 

Cardboard Cutouts

If you are artistically inclined and would like to make your own holiday picture, use large pieces of cardboard to do so. Use a pen or marker to draw pictures of trees, ornaments, or snowflakes on the the pieces of cardboard. Use a pair of sharp scissors to cut the shapes out. Add color to each picture by using an artist's paintbrush to apply craft paint.

After the paint dries, apply a coat of acrylic preserving spray across the surface of each cutout. Cut wide strips of double-sided tape and secure them to the back of each cutout. Press the cutouts firmly against the door's exterior. After the holidays have passed, remove the pictures from the door by pulling them gently away from the wood. 

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